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Thursday, October 21, 2010


I wanted to make a website to use as the organizational hub of student interaction in my ARP. Although we have had some experience using iWeb in the program, I really wanted to dig deeper and learn some of the tools and features that I had not yet discovered. I hope to become an expert in iWeb to the degree that I would be able to demonstrate its use with my students, in case I decide to have them create their own somehow as part of my ARP down the road.

Last week, I started by watching some tutorials online, so I did the same thing to learn the intricacies of iWeb this week. I started with and also checked out Here are some screenshots from those websites of some of my favorite videos. I loved learning about the widget options and also the Facebook connectivity options. I am looking foward to experimenting with these features as related to the specifics of my Action Research Project.

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