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Sunday, October 17, 2010


For my practical experience, I decided to try and tackle some of the basics in Adobe Photoshop. This is something that I have wanted to learn and incorporate into my teaching, but always felt overwhelmed to start. If I can, I would love to have Photoshop as one of the applications that students use in my graphic design Learning Center for my ARP. So, the first thing I decided to do was to try and think of a project that I would like to have the kids do using the software, and Googled how to do it. That idea was to create some sort of self portrait with special effects, like make yourself into a monster or character from Avatar, for instance. My first few leads were a bit disappointing as far as actual instructional content, and I felt like I was kind of lost doing my experiments. At the end, I got so frustrated that I jumped to a Web 2.0 tool,, which does free photo editing, just to get some ideas for what techniques I could search for to learn in Photoshop. It gave me the idea to start looking around at "cartoonizing" effects. Still really couldn't find much specifically about that, just more general tutorials.
Here are some of my experiments...

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