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Sunday, October 17, 2010


For the last stage of my endeavors with Photoshop this week, I decided to reach out to someone that I knew was really good at what I wanted to learn. I contacted Javier Antunez, who is a graphic designer/artist that I met on xBox live. He has done some amazing videos on Youtube demonstrating his skills. I watched 2 that showcase him transforming a picture of himself, and 1 about proper lighting techniques. I feel that this method of learning Photoshop was the most effective to me because he pinpoints what I find to be the most useful skills as they relate to my plans for classroom integration.

Javier Antunez Youtube Photoshop tutorial video links:

Lighting Tutorial

Beast in Me (speed painting)

Speed painting: Magma King

Antunez, J. (2009, December 14). Lighting tutorial with Photoshop CS3 [Video file]. Video posted to

Pictures are original graphic designs done in Photoshop by Javier Antunez, as described by the above videos.

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