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Sunday, October 10, 2010



Voicethread is ready to go for incorporation into the instructional toolbox for my classroom. As you can see from my commercial, my first idea for its use is for classroom discussions that we have at the end of major projects called critiques. Using the same old paper templates, even though I try to mix up the formatting, gets dry after a while. If I could upload a picture of everyone’s art project beforehand, then students could use the laptops to sit down, view them all, and leave comments. At the end, we could watch the Voicethread as a class.

Another great benefit is that I could have the thread open to other sections of the same class, such as Art III first period and Art III last period. This would give them a broader scope of peer input and also make connections socially. How neat would it be to trigger a conversation with another student from a different class about his/her artwork? It could open all sorts of doors and really encourage collaboration. Parents and family members could even be easily exposed to the work going on in our class, hopefully forming a deeper understanding of what we are covering and garnering support for their children’s efforts. Maybe we could even increase attendance at the annual student art show! Besides student artwork, Voicethread could also be used to showcase and promote discussion about artists’ work in our local community, or even famous artworks from history. So many applications!

Please check out a sample of Voicethread that our group, the Technogals, created:

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