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Sunday, October 24, 2010

FV_Voicethread Documentary

In this video, you can view the introduction of the web 2.0 tool Voicethread with the National Art Honor Society, as a way to brainstorm mural designs for the school this year.


  1. Tricia, that was great! What a brilliant use of voicethread--it's perfect! I really like the way you combined the different slides & the live (& speeded up!) video of you & the voicethreads. You know, when I first looked at it--I can't even believe this now--I wasn't all that thrilled with voicethread... Today we saw some of the ones I had kids embed in their Canterbury Tales websites, and they were so exciting (esp. since the principal had dropped by to see what we were up to)! A million thanks to you & Anne for introducing us to this extremely productive & versatile tool. And thanks for this terrific video. Oh! And what a great thing to be able to put murals like that up--is that for your school? Do you do it every year?

  2. Thanks Debra! Yes, we do murals every year but this year we have a new principal, and he is sooo supportive of the arts and wants murals everywhere! So exciting! Yes, shout out to Anne for introducing us to the wonders of Voicethread! Go you for doing all that content integration with history/english/composition---I already told you I was totally engrossed!